Monday, September 26, 2011

Dani - Three Years

Watching your children grow is a bizarre process.  You barely notice it.  Nothing feels that different til you look back.  Suddenly you wonder to yourself "was she ever that short?!" or "when did her hair get so long!?"

Dani's third birthday has hit me square in the face.

This year we went a bit simpler with her birthday.  She requested a yellow/orange, pink, and purple cake this year.  She wouldn't give me much more of a direction than that so I went with a castle cake and otherwise didn't have any sort of theme.  Dani picked out pink plates and cups, made a colorful paper chain as decoration, chose items for the little red gift bags she wanted for her friends, and requested pink and vanilla ice cream.  We had it on the 24th - a Saturday.

The cake didn't really turn out how I wanted, those Dani and everyone else at the party was very taken with it.  The children enjoyed themselves.  So did the adults.  I was stressed!  After having been up til 6am finishing the cake....I was basically dead by evening and took a 4 hour nap after everyone else cleared out.

Our house, by the way, is now overflowing with toys!  A toy cash register from Grandma was the big hit this year.  She's also really digging Hi Ho Cherry-O and asks to play it at least 6 times a day!

Today was her actual birthday.  We took a short trip to my mother's house with my aunt, Bonnie.  We cooked pizza and had cupcakes while playing a board game or two.  It was a pretty quiet day.

Brand new

At 1
At 2
Where has the time gone?

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