Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zero to Hippie

First of all, thanks to Eicelynne for the sweet name idea...originally intended for an Etsy, but at the very least I want to use it for my blog.

So, I have gone crazy hippie lately, it seems.  It's odd for me to feel weirder than usual....I didn't think it possible....but then I went on a sewing binge and let my hair dread.  Haha!

I made some diapers for the new baby.  By the way, his name is Oscar or Oz for short.  

These are flannel Darling Diaper Newborn fitteds.  Link takes you to the free PDF pattern.  I need to make like a dozen more.  Also some covers.

I tie-dyed some onesies...a lot more than pictured here....and some toddler tees.

I turned a bunch of old adult clothes into baby clothes of Oz.

And a bunch of rainbow ponies to sell.

Plus a whole ton of skirts and gowns for my daughter who suddenly refuses to wear pants!

I also made some upcycled wool longies and some dread bands....and yes, I'm letting my hair dread naturally.  Thanks to Jenn for pointing me in the direction of this natural dread site.  I have ALWAYS wanted dreadlocks so I'm super excited.  :)


  1. Love it. I had a friend comment the other day that I was a pretty big environmentalist. Confused I asked her why. She looked at me like I had lost my mind "you do cloth diapers, pads even family cloth. You use all natural cleaners, you reuse EVERYTHING..." It is funny how these things just sometimes happen over the course of life. : )
    Also thank you so much for the link for the dreadlock site. My oldest daughter (age 14) has been letting her hair natural dread for about 8 months now I cant wait to show it to her.

  2. oh, and the things you have been making are beautiful! You are one talented lady. : )

  3. It's funny how you wake up one day and realize what you've become!

    I am loving the easy! Good luck to your daughter with her dreading-adventure! :)