Thursday, June 28, 2012

And This Is How Math Happens

This morning Aaron was helping Dani getting some breakfast.  He asked her how many slices of cheese she would like.  She asked for 3.  When he put only 2 pieces on her plate she said that she needed 1 more.  Then he asked how many slices of ham she would like.  She said 6 and tried to hold up 6 fingers, but realized she only had 5 fingers on one hand.  So then she held up 4 fingers instead.  He gave her 3 pieces and asked if that was enough and she said no, she needed 1 more. 

These are not concepts we have pushed.  These are concepts that come up in daily life and she is picking up on them.  Between daily life and all the various games that involve math, I think she's going to be just fine.  :)

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  1. Very cool! I'm looking forward to watching this unfold for my girls too :)