Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 Snippets From Unschooling - Birthdays, learning, & interwebs

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Back again for another 7 Snippets! 

3 and 1-year portraits

First and foremost, my little boy is 1!!!  I cannot express how bizarre that is to me!  We celebrated his birthday recently with a smallish party at home.  He didn't get the whole gift thing, but he definitely enjoyed the cake!  Hubs is a bit of a food-geek so he went to about 6 different stores in search of Dutch-process cocoa powder.  Since then Oscar just seems so grown up.  He's pushing around cars, trying to stack some blocks, kicking/throwing/hitting balls, and dancing a bit too.  Where did the year go?!
Yeah...he liked it!
He enjoyed the new toys, but his sister pretty much did all the unwrapping.

I also finished Trouble's quilt...FINALLY!  Only took me over a year.
Bear enjoyed the new toys too.


D has a new pet of her very own!  It's a red Betta Fish named Lala.  So far poor Lala has already taken a spill....this afternoon Oz pulled the bowl over on himself.  I think Lala is going to be okay thanks to his attempt to JUMP OUT OF MY HANDS during the rescue.  Between a mad dash, much swearing, and a plastic cup I got him back in water in time.  Yeah, he'll be located to a higher location in the future.
Lala the fish
We're enjoying the pool with Aunt Bonnie this summer.  I'm looking into swimming lessons for D.  She loves to jump in and isn't afraid to go under.  Oz also enjoys the water, though he's already too big for his float. lol

We've also been enjoying the kiddie pool in the front yard.  Lot of outside play going on in the nice weather, though I have a feeling it's going to be a bit too hot in the near future.
Daddy found a snail in the yard
Dani asked me about who lived on our planet which opened up a discussion about the solar system.  We picked up some books at the library about space, the moon, and how our ideas about the universe have changed over time.  I highly recommend Boy, Were We Wrong About the Solar System. It's perfect for her age!

One day Dani announced that she had put her shoes on the correct feet.  I asked her how she knew how to do that and she replied (in a very "DUH, mom!" sort of way): "I learned it!" I had to laugh.  She also learned how to do a roll all by herself AND....

...she is recognizing letters!  Recently we were watching Super Why and when they asked "what letter is this?" she called them out all on her own.  O.O I was shocked!  It's not something we focus on at all....but she picked up everything anyway.  She's going to be reading before I know it.  She's not even 4 yet.
Where did my baby go?!

So independent.

It's been about 2 years, but we have internet again.  Streaming is amazing!  We're awash in cartoons of our all the awesome documentaries and such are great to have on hand.  We've got a laptop setup now for the kids so they can play games...which Dani can do without any help from me!  lol  She was thrilled to be able to play on Starfall and not have me fix it every few minutes (tethering our phones wasn't making for a very reliable connection).

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  1. L is almost 6 now and Starfall is still a major hit here!